We are acting today

To multiply the connections between consumers and entrepreneurs

Technology is becoming more and more relevant in our lives. Day after day, millions of people and companies in the region use our solutions to buy, pay, and finance their needs and projects. We look at the world from new perspectives, and we keep up with consumer demands to access products with positive social and environmental impacts. Given the breadth of our reach, we want to transform this opportunity into a virtuous circle for entrepreneurs and the society at large.

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The largest selling platform in Latin America

67,1 million

67,1 million active users

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962,3 million

962,3 million delivered products


32 sales per second

51,5 million

51,5 million users of our digital wallet

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22.3 million

22.3 million accounts with investment funds.

USD 3,864.5 million

USD 3,864.5 million in loans granted for consumption through Mercado Pago.

8,8 million suspicious listings

8,8 million suspicious listings infringing our policies removed from the site

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USD 100 million

USD 100 million invested in actions of the Brand Protection Program (BPP) in Latin America.

Impact stories

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“Using Mercado Pago to pay is a fantastic experience: you don't need to worry about carrying around cash in your wallet.”

Diego, Mercado Pago user
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“Mercado Pago is a new way to make our income grow. Now we have a new option to support the tradition of tips.”

Víctor, Mexico's organ grinder

Our initiatives

We are acting today

We know the challenge is huge, but we also know that the time to act is right now.

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