Entrepreneurs and SMEs


We are acting today

To promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America

We want to increasingly democratize access to e-commerce, money, and payments across Latin America so that small-scale entrepreneurs can have the same opportunities as large companies, reducing geographical distances and economic gaps, and contributing to the region's economic and social development.

The positive impact of our ecosystem will materialize with economic growth, financial inclusion, and digital transformation, which are vectors that boost our collective goal.

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Impacts that matter

+500 thousand SMEs

+500,000 small and medium-sized enterprises sell over our platform:

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84% expanded their business to new locations, attracted more clients, and increased their sales.


40% received their first credit offer through Mercado Pago.

6 out of 10

6 out of 10 loans were committed to circulating capital.


40% originated more than half their revenue from Mercado Libre.

Impact stories

Gabriela - Innovadora en el diseño y venta de autopartes.png

“Eleven years ago, when we discovered Mercado Libre, I was fascinated because it led us to constant changes.”

Gabriela, Innovative auto spare parts designer and seller
Ruben - Artesano del Gran Chaco.png

“I’m really excited to see my handicrafts travel far, to other provinces, so that people can learn a little about El Impenetrable through a bit of mud art.”

Rubén, artisan from Gran Chaco
Julio e Leandro, Resisto OPM.png

“We want to go beyond making clothes and T-shirts, we want to reconstruct our history. And it is critical for us to have partners like Feira Preta and Mercado Libre to access consumers easily.”

Julio and Leandro, Resisto OPM

Our initiatives

We are acting today

We know the challenge is huge, but we also know that the time to act is right now.

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