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With the support of Mercado Libre, TedxAmazônia brings together 500 people to echo the voices of the forest

In its second edition, the event featured local leaders and discussed topics such as ancestry, bioeconomy, preservation and much more.

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Between November 2nd and 5th, 2023, the second edition of TedxAmazônia took place, one of the world's most significant conferences on the sustainable development of the Amazon region. Sponsored by Mercado Libre, the event was held at the port of the city of Manaus, on the banks of the Rio Negro, featuring 50 influential speakers and 450 participants.

The event held discussions on pertinent topics such as bioeconomy, income generation, opportunities, territorial development, science, entrepreneurship, archaeology, nature rights, the presence of local populations, combating deforestation, and biodiversity conservation. Among the speakers, chosen through an independent curation process involving various regional organizations, were Angela Mendes, a socio-environmental activist and daughter of Chico Mendes; Dr. Draulio Araújo, a physicist and neuroscientist researching medicinal plants; Txai Macedo, a sertanista co-responsible for demarcating over 30 indigenous territories and extractive reserves; and Vanda Witoto, an activist leader in indigenous entrepreneurship and education. Notable figures like the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Marina Silva, also attended the event.

Mercado Libre and Origens Brasil® join forces

During the event, Mercado Libre also made an announcement – its entry into the Origens Brasil® Network. This move underscores its dedication to supporting the commercialization of products made by traditional communities in the Amazon, simplifying access to the forest's rich flavors and knowledge. Beyond fostering ethical business relationships marked by transparency and product origin assurance, this partnership seeks to bolster the over 80 institutions within the network through training initiatives and increased visibility on the platform.

Find out more about the event and check out everything that happened at the second edition of TedxAmazônia.

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