Electric fleet

Mercado Libre increases its electric fleet in Latin America

1,000 vehicles, one of the largest sustainable mobility fleets in the region.


With 1,000 vehicles, the company has one of the largest sustainable mobility fleets in the region.

Mercado Libre, the leading technology company in e-commerce and financial services in Latin America, now has over 1,000 electric vehicles, one of the largest electric mobility fleets in the entire region.

This growth is accompanied by the installation of new charging points, totaling more than 200 points in Latin America. Additionally, there is ongoing development of a fleet of trucks powered by natural gas, a fuel that emits around 18% less carbon than diesel, bringing the total number of vehicles of this type to 130.

Mercado Libre views the growth of electromobility as a systemic challenge. In addition to strengthening its vehicle fleet, the company is working on strategic partnerships to accelerate this transition throughout its entire value chain. To this end, it has just signed an agreement with NewLab, an international innovation platform based in Montevideo (Uruguay), to expedite the transition of its logistics network to a fleet of low-emission vehicles.

Through this partnership, the development of the Low-Carbon Logistics Studio will begin, aiming to test prototypes and incorporate emerging technologies with low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, focusing on vehicles used for the last mile of shipment distribution, especially in high-traffic and densely populated areas.

In addition to exceeding the milestone of 1,000 electric vehicles, Mercado Libre already supplies its 21 logistics sites and offices with 100% clean energy. Moreover, all used boxes are composed of at least 30% recycled cardboard, and recycled plastic is being incorporated into bags, hitting 50% in countries like Mexico. As part of its Regenera América program, the company has invested over $10 million in projects for the regeneration and conservation of iconic natural ecosystems in Latin America, with over 10 million trees in the process of restoration.

"The rapid growth of Mercado Libre in Latin America challenges us to be increasingly efficient in managing and reducing our environmental impact, especially in a critical area like sustainable mobility. We are pleased with the progress made and, above all, committed to accelerating the impact of our mobility, renewable energy, and material circularity initiatives, working in collaboration with all stakeholders in this issue"

Guadalupe Marin, Director of Sustainability at Mercado Libre.
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