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About the initiative

People choose us because of our fast delivery, product portfolio assortment, secure payment methods, data protection, and trustworthy platforms. To maintain the expected level of service and meet the exponential demand growth, we have quickly increased our business, logistics, and financial capacity.

How it works


Technology is the core of our business. It drives our ecosystem growth and enables innovation, which is paramount for what we do. Technology enables us to reach the scale we need without neglecting the continuous improvement of processes or the security of all our platform users.


Product delivery is key for a user experience. To meet the expected delivery times and geographic coverage, we have developed a robust logistics system.

Data security and protection

Another important issue for our users is trusting our capacity to protect personal and financial data in transactions. This area is handled by a permanent and dedicated department, responsible for updating and monitoring compliance with our privacy policy.

Loyalty program

The points accrual system and the advantages of our loyalty program, Mercado Puntos, follow criteria that promote the use of our platform, offering benefits such as free shipment or subscription, or discounts on streaming services. For many people, this is the first opportunity to access a subscription channel.

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Users look for our platform because of the quality of technology, and remain loyal because of the quality of their shopping experience, at each stage, up to product delivery.

Main results in 2021


507 visits per second

7 items

7 items per single buyer

67 million

67 million buyers


79% of shipments in less than 48 hours

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