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Freedom of identity to be who we are

We know that diverse perspectives are the basis for innovation. We make every effort to build diverse teams that better represent our millions of users to create experiences that they can feel closer and relevant to their expectations. Diversity is a competitive differential advantage and part of our DNA.

This is why our internal and external initiatives aim to promote diverse teams that will progressively mirror Latin America’s population, and create inclusive coworking environments.

Today, Mercado Libre’s actions focus on four main human groups: women, LGBTQI+, people with disabilities, and ethnicities. To engage the whole company in the collaborative development of solutions accelerating diversity and inclusion into our teams, we have created affinity groups in line with our focus. These include employees from all our business units, countries, and senior positions who work on the design and implementation of relevant proposals.

The example of women

Even from the C-level positions, we are committed to respecting and promoting gender equality. In 2021, we ranked among the first companies selected for the GPTW Women award based on the percentage of women—24%—holding management positions at MELI.

This is the result of planned initiatives having clear goals, and including relevant training and support from the company’s managers. For example, the women’s affinity group extended the paid maternity leave benefit to five months across Latin America, in addition to a special leave for pregnancy loss.

Cultural inclusion

The initiative to include more black and Afro-descendent people in the payroll was already part of IT Bootcamp programs and the First Mile program. The former were focused on engaging young people by implementing quotas, while the latter aimed at hiring and training Afro-Latin American people to work for the logistics sector, and reach leadership positions after one year.

Brazil’s ethnicity group went even further and designed a mentorship program to develop skills and knowledge, while fostering discussions encouraging Afro-descendants to access leadership roles. The results of these initiatives are reflected in the 45% of Mercado Libre’s employees in Brazil who identify themselves as Afro-Latin American people, of which 10.3% have senior management roles.


MELI para TODOS (MELI for ALL) is an online and free professional training program for people with disabilities focused on the areas of Customer experience (CX) and Logistics. Since 2020, 194 people have been trained in Brazil, 61% of whom were hired to work for Mercado Libre after completing the program.

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Those are the different stories and experiences that lead us to innovation.

Main results


Women in Latin America accounting for 41% of our workforce is above the average in the tech and logistics market.


43% of them hold leadership positions, as managers, and 37% of them are C-suite executives.


45% of the people working at Meli Brazil say they identify as Afro-descendants.


#1 among top women-friendly companies to work for in Brazil and Uruguay.


#2 among top women-friendly companies to work for in Argentina and Chile.


96% of employees say that they feel free to be who they are at the workplace.

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